Have you ever run into last minute accounting or audit snags while trying to secure financing  or raise capital? We understand how frustrating it is to have a business goal in sight, only to have it hindered by a sea of audit requests or other financial reporting requirements. As an executive, board member or shareholder, you stand to lose countless hours by managing the filing and audit process yourself. Whether you are currently facing an impasse or simply want to file your next quarterly or annual report, we are here to help and make the process easier for you so you can do what you do best.

Let an experienced consultant step into navigate and manage the SEC financial reporting process!

Filing Types

If you have raised or are seeking to raise capital in US markets and want to focus on your business or next capital raise, you definitely want an experienced professional to navigate the financial side of your next filing. We have extensive experience (both audit-side and company-side) with these common filings:

  • Form S-1 – Initial Registration Statement. Requires audited financial statements and usually requires interim financial statements. Typically requires several amendments (S-1/A) and financial statement updates before clearance by the SEC.
  • Form 10-K – Annual Report. Requires audited financial statements.
  • Form 10-Q – Quarterly Report. Requires interim financial statements.
  • Form 8-K – Current Report. Legal and accounting requirements vary by the type of event. Events, such as reverse mergers, require extensive disclosures and audited financial statements.
  • Others include Regulation A annual (1-A) and semi-annual (1-SA) filings and other specialized filings.

Financial Reporting

You may have engaged an attorney and an auditor for your SEC filing, but you need someone on your side of the table to handle the financial reporting challenges. Your business does not stop for regulatory filings, so you engage experts who manage the company side of the audit process, interface directly with the auditor and counsel, tackle critical accounting issues, prepare US GAAP financial statements, required disclosures throughout the filing, and address accounting comments from the SEC.

Audit and Review Preparation

Every filing requires copious amounts of time and attention to detail in preparing accurate books before an audit or review can start and before a company can start preparing a filing. During the audit, you can expect to spent significant time responding to requests from the auditor, digging up old documents, communicating with external parties, preparing US GAAP financial statements and addressing auditor comments prior to completion of an audit or review. Wherever you currently are in this process, let us step in and save you valuable time and energy!

Technical Accounting

We have experience in and specialize in US GAAP accounting, reporting and disclosure for convertible debt, equity compensation, revenue recognition and reverse mergers. We advise on technical accounting issues and make quick work of the implementation and documentation that comes along with setting accounting policies.


Small public companies require income tax planning and preparation and often require catch-up. Aside from income tax, companies need to determine whether state and local taxes, such as state sales tax and business licenses, are required and file and pay taxes. We provide a full range of standard tax services for businesses and can help you with tax compliance.


We can spearhead your company’s accounting on an ongoing basis at a fraction of the cost of hiring staff. Accounting solutions range from bookkeeping, payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable and other routine needs to having a full-service controller or member of your executive team.


Have a dedicated adviser and fellow member of management by your side to listen, provide guidance, interface with management, the board, investors, lenders and others on all things finance. In addition to fully managed accounting and finance, you have a partner to solve problems and help steer the business toward success.

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